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Your Benefits

  • Compound passive earnings from many referral programs combined with a possibility to reach and attract more people through 35+ various products

  • 17 preset and ready-to-use creatives to share your referral links across various channels

  • Transparent commission-based payment system and simple track of earnings with a detailed statistics on your referrals

  • AI-driven anti fraud system and 100% guaranteed payouts made on a regular basis

  • Passive income made possible with your monthly referral commission

  • Additional services open to you with the platforms - DA40-100 backlinks, SEO help, sponsored content services, and more

Our SEO Affiliate Program In Numbers

  • 600+

    Successful Affiliates

  • $320,000+

    Generated Earnings

  • $870+

    Earnings per Affiliate/mo

4 Steps to Earning with GainRock

  1. Sign in with the Referral Program. You’ll get access to all of our referral programs that will help boost your income

  2. Share the referral links. The creatives you’ll access help our users attract 47% more referrals than a plain URL sharing. These referrals are also proven to convert 16% better into active users of the referral programs.

  3. Start earning. As soon as the referrals you attract register and start using the services of the platforms, you’ll start getting the commission.

  4. Maximize your income. Share the links for all the referral programs to make your earnings grow progressively. 3 referral programs = 3x more possibilities to earn.

What Referrers Say About GainRock

Michael Preston

GainRock helped me make a real boost with my referral earnings. I’d used several others to have some passive income, but they all were rather time-consuming. I had to think of ways to share my referral links, continuously make counts of the people I’d invited. With GainRock I have emails, banners, Facebook messages ready, and a page where I can see all my referrals.

Michael Preston

Miriam Walls

What I like about the Program is that there are so many products to tell about. You can invite people who want SEO help, or people who need content, or people who want to sell ads from their sites. And all of them will bring you your referral commission. I make about 60% more money with this program than I used to with my previous strategy.

Sarah Brennan

Michael Preston

I first tried another Referral Program by this company, and managed to earn around $7,000 in 8 months. Then they announced this partner referral program, and I gave it a try. What can I say? Now I make about $7,000… every month!

David Kreng

Miriam Walls

For me this Program is far the easiest way to create a referral network and have an additional source of income. Thanks to the creatives offered I spend no more than 15 minutes every day sharing my referral link. At the moment I have almost 700 referrals that brought me $13,000 last month.

Josef Hoffmann

Michael Preston

I’ve been earning with referral programs for 4 years now, so I know the ins and outs of the field. But GainRock has become a revelation, that included everything a referrer looks for. It combines different projects, allowing me to invite all kinds of people - from SEOs to marketers. Instead of spending time to check on each of the programs I use, I go to one place that has them all.

Alicia McCoy

Miriam Walls

Tripled my referral income in 2 months, and now making $17,000 a month! It there anything to add to this?

Seth Coombs